How Agile Project Management Can Effectively Work For Construction

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Robison Wells
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You may be familiar with agile software methodologies and how they effectively help development teams collaborate and work together to reach a common goal. However, could this methodology work for the construction industry, as well? The answer is “YES!”

If you are unfamiliar with what agile development is, it is essentially a way to complete a project with continuous planning, testing and integration. Agile methods create clear goals and breaks them down into small parts that can be easily completed based on the level of importance. It incorporates every member of the team and provides every employee with a sense of empowerment.

According to Version One (, “They are all lightweight, especially compared to traditional waterfall-style processes, and inherently adaptable. What is more important about agile methods is that they all focus on empowering people to collaborate and make decisions together quickly and effectively”

These methods can help be effective within the construction industry, too. How is that so? The Balance Small Business ( tells us how agile methods can effectively work for a construction project in the design phase:

  1. Increase in customer involvement, encouraging customer participation in project deliverable definition (i.e. what the finished building or construction will be).
  2. Reduction of uncertainty and improvement of management of project risks by chopping up complex projects into easier to manage subprojects.
  3. Increase of accuracy and confidence in construction cost estimating.
  4. Greater use of prefabricated assemblies, making construction projects more like manufacturing projects where unpredictable factors like the weather have less effect.

Furthermore, The Balance Small Business also explains how agile development methods can work on an executive level, as well:

  1. Breaking down the project delivery into smaller, more manageable parts that in this case are not necessarily available to be reordered, but that can be better managed and tracked to completion.
  2. Focusing on time management and regular, frequent reviews to improve project financial management, specifically in the areas of productivity and profitability.
  3. Opening the door to continual improvement by encouraging workers to team up and to give their input back to construction managers on how to do things better and faster.

As a software development company based in construction, hh2 Cloud Servicesunderstands the ins and outs of both industries. Agile project management can be a very effective and useful methodology for construction management. For a free demo of hh2’s full suite of cloud-based software for your construction company,

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