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Robison Wells
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hh2 Cloud Services recently attended the 2018 TUG National Users Conference held in Orlando this last week. It was a great opportunity for our team to connect with our current customers and to demonstrate our extensive line of cloud based services to potential customers.

“This was the best showing we have ever had at TUG,” said Dennis Dorrity, VP of Marketing at hh2 Cloud Services. “We had customers constantly streaming over to the booth to hear about the latest updates to our services and to express the success they have had with the hh2 solutions they are currently using.”

With solutions that cover a wide spectrum of cloud based applications built to make construction work flows more mobile, hh2 was excited to demonstrate a new credit card routing and approval solution at TUG. Attendees asked about the solution and how it works to help manage credit card receipts, match them up to the credit card bank statements and push the receipts back into Sage.

“There was a very large interest in the credit card functionality,” said Britton Bauer, Sales Associate. “We had a lot of existing customers come to our booth to see if we are offering an accounts payable solution. Obviously that’s a big part of what we want to be doing with our customer base. Hh2 tries to focus on what more can we do to streamline your processes.”

We went to TUG with more to offer than new solutions and upgrades to existing services. We genuinely wanted to meet with our customers and find out how our solutions are working for them. Our interest wasn’t only in finding out what was working for our customers; we also wanted discover the issues that customers might be running into and work to fix those issues.

"I cannot begin to thank our customers enough for coming by the hh2 Cloud Services Booth at the TUG Conference in Orlando this year," said Kevin Hadley, Vice President of Sales. "It is always so fun to see everyone and put a 'face to the name' since we never have the opportunity to meet our clients in person, except for these trade shows. We love our customers and appreciate their wonderful comments about our software and the services that we provide here at hh2. Thank you as well for telling others at the conference about your experience with our software. More often than not, when someone came to our booth, they would say, 'Everyone is talking about how much they love hh2 Cloud Services and the great experience they are having, so we had to stop by and see what you guys are all about.”

We had three of our vice presidents attend the conference to speak with customers that they normally only interact with over the phone. hh2 would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend our scheduled presentations. Our vice presidents enjoyed teaching and engaging with you about our products and on why the cloud will work for you.

“It is always a pleasure to meet our customers for the first time,” said Dorrity. “It’s also great to reconnect with long-term customers that we get to see almost every year at TUG.”

hh2’s business partners United Solutions and Aktion Associates had a very strong presence at the show. We are grateful for the opportunities we had to speak with their executive team and discover how our solutions are working for their customers.

We also had other business partners that came to the show from Cornerstone Solutions and Bangert. It was exciting meeting with them and discussing the latest services and features hh2 Cloud Services can offer.

hh2 Cloud Services would like to sincerely thank all of the amazing attendees at the 2018 TUG National Users Conference. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with our current and future customers who visited us at our booth. hh2 recognizes that without your continued support, we wouldn’t be in business.

We are looking forward to seeing you at future conferences! If you are interested in scheduling a free demo, please call us at 877.442.9327 or visit us online at www.hh2.com.

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