Green Construction Group Partners with Actor Michael Keaton to Create Sustainable Concrete

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The green startup Nexii, based out of Pittsburgh, PA, also known as the "Steel City," offers an environmentally friendly concrete product that they say will be better than steel in some applications. Michael Keaton, the Pennsylvania native actor, joins Nexii to provide financial backing and a place in Trinity Sustainable Solutions. Trinity intends to implement Nexii's concrete product into Walmart, Rite Aid, Goodwill, and CSX Transportation.

"I've always been interested in design and construction, but I only recently learned the game-changing impact the construction industry can have in improving the environment by adoption of innovative, lower-carbon techniques," Keaton said upon the announcement of his relationship with Nexii in April. "For me, the opportunity to marry job creation with an environmentally sustainable business is incredibly exciting."

Nexii's product, called Nexiite, reduces carbon emissions from the concrete manufacturing and installation processes by 30 percent. Early tests look good: they just finished a Starbucks, constructing the walls and roof panels in just six days, and helped build a Popeye's restaurant in under two weeks. In addition, builders are using Nexiite to construct a Courtyard by Marriott hotel with 172 rooms.

Says Gregor Robertson, executive vice president (and former three-time mayor of Vancouver), "We are striving for that big climate impact but also competing toe-to-toe on speed and efficiency of construction."

Many believe lessening carbon emissions in concrete construction can help the environment; Nexii plans to tackle this objective with their low carbon product, Nexiite.

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