Firm Raises $11M to Build “Largest Fleet” of Construction 3D Printers

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Robison Wells

Branch Technology announced that it had closed deals raising $11 million in funding, bringing the tech startup’s total financing to $22 million. The firm uses that money to construct the largest fleet of 3D printers used in the construction industry.

The firm uses Cellular Fabrication (C-Fab) method that 3D prints a polymer lattice that would then be sprayed with insulation and concrete to create a very lightweight but strong prefab component. Robotic arms with polymer extruders attached to massive rails make these 3D printers some of the largest yet because of the C-Fab technique. They use up to 20 times less material than traditional construction 3D printing. This is all done while maintaining similar strength-to-weight ratios.

Branch Technology launched in 2015, and some of their projects include the “Nature Clouds” hanging garden at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History and the One City bandshell in Nashville. The One City structure comprises the world’s largest 3D-printed span.

The company makes four products currently, each with a different purpose and structure.

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