Fatal Indiana Shooting Started Over Argument About Construction Equipment

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Investigators and witnesses claim that an argument on December 28th over ownership of a piece of construction equipment culminated into a fatal shooting.

30-year-old Fabian Bennett hired a construction company owned by Carlis J Falls, 43, to work on his home in Evansville, IN. On the day of the shooting, Falls and a coworker reportedly loaded a piece of construction equipment into their truck.

"The male at the home [Bennett] told them that piece of equipment was his and accused them of being thieves," the affidavit states.

Falls and the worker returned the equipment to Bennett's porch, but Bennett demanded that they carry it into his house; this led to an argument. Falls and the coworker left the front porch and walked toward their truck. Bennett followed them.

According to the affidavit, the coworker "observed the male pull out a handgun and shoot the victim multiple times and then stand over him."

Falls died at the hospital; the worker identified Bennett as the perpetrator from a police line-up.

Police records reveal Bennett's criminal history. Sometimes, Bennet goes by the alias, "Boo Man." During the shooting, a second witness on the phone questioned Bennett's ownership of the equipment. "He (said) he heard 'Boo Man' continue to yell at the victim and (then) the phone line went dead," the affidavit states. "Minutes later, he received a call and was told that the victim was shot."

Police arrested Bennett and charged him with murder.

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