Emergency Construction of Temporary Field Hospital Underway in Washington

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Robison Wells
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Construction on a temporary field hospital started on Wednesday on a Shoreline soccer field near Seattle, Washington. As of March 19th, Washington had over 1300 cases of the virus, one of the hardest-hit states in the country.

The City of Shoreline said the makeshift hospital, going up at soccer field "B," will provide up to 200 beds for people exposed to coronavirus, who are at risk of exposure or becoming ill. The facility will be used for people who cannot go into isolation and quarantine in their home.

“We were kind of confused what was going on and we read the signs,” said Benjamin Ramirez. “It might take away from my practice but whatever it takes to help people in need and are sick.”

“I’d rather us be proactive then be in a mess in a few weeks,” said Nani Vishwanath. “It’s a scary time. We have two little ones, and just not sure what to expect or the timeline of how long this will last.”

Isolation and quarantine facilities will be built in North Seattle and White Center. A spokesperson said King County is also look at Eastgate and Issaquah.

“We are grateful to the City of Shoreline and the Shoreline School District for identifying a city-owned property that could be utilized as part of our emergency response,” said Sherry Hamilton, a King County spokesperson. “King County is working to be as prepared as we can be to respond to the needs in our community.”

King County is looking to accommodate 3,000 beds for the weeks and months ahead, according to the City of Shoreline.

“You have to do an incredible response for what’s going on. Right? I mean this isn’t just going to get better on its own, so you have to take big actions to make change,” said Matt Hoffman.

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