Elon Musk Building Second Starbase

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Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX, announced on Twitter: "Construction of the Starship orbital launch pad at the Cape has begun." He referenced Cape Canaveral, the same place where NASA maintains its launchpads.

Formerly, SpaceX centered development of the Starship vehicle in Boca Chica, TX. But many expected Musk to move construction from Texas to Florida where crews began pouring concrete for a launchpad in 2019 before construction ceased. Musk intends his Florida construction to be a part of the Kennedy Space Center.

Once the Federal Aviation Administration grants a license and environmental clearance, SpaceX intends to launch its Starship prototype in 2022 from Texas.

Musk hasn't confirmed a launch tower as part of his Cape Canaveral project. Texas features such a tower to catch returning rockets as they land.

Musk intends to conduct as many as a dozen Starship test launches in 2022. SpaceX aims to have the project commercial ready for "real payloads" in 2023.

NASA plans to use Starship as a vehicle for the Artemis project to land astronauts on the moon. In addition, Musk expects to leverage his Starship project to put an entire city on Mars.

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