Divers Pull Body of Construction Worker from Canal After Tragic Accident

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Divers in Parkland, FL, from the Broward County Sheriff's Office and Coral Springs Fire Departments pulled a body from a Parkland canal, believed to be a construction worker who crashed into the channel. A short time later, tow trucks removed the dump truck from the murky depths.

The incident happened at approximately 10:30 am on dead-end Loxahatchess Road. Despite the remote location, eyewitnesses reported the dump truck going down the embankment into the canal. Fire workers found the dump truck but not the driver.

"These canals are a lot deeper than you think, and they are murky," said Al Wolters, resident of the area.

Coral Springs Fire Department spokesman Mark Moser said that the incident only affected one driver.

Authorities brought in emergency divers to search for the driver. However, the remote area and an unsteady roadbed delayed them for over an hour from entering the water.

BSO Traffic Homicide detectives continue to investigate. However, Wolters, a resident, offers a more straightforward explanation: "It could've been that the ground around there was soft too, and it just kind of started sliding and once it started sliding and that was it -- he just couldn't recover."

Authorities continue to withhold the driver's name and the construction company

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