Deaths, Injuries This Week Remind of Construction Dangers

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Robison Wells
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It has been a deadly week around the United States in the construction industry, with several deaths, injuries and near-misses. It is a reminder to the construction world of the dangers that face workers every day as they go on the job site.

In Lakeville, MN, a 26-year-old worker fell from a balcony and suffered a “serious head injury”. Officers and rescue workers arrived on the scene but were unable to revive the man. The case is still under investigation, but police say that hard hats, safety harnesses, and railings were all in place.

In Nashville, TN, a 16-year-old part-time employee of Cortez Plastering fell from a 120’ scaffolding platform and died. The boy’s 18-year-old brother was with him at the time of his fall. They were not using safety harnesses on the scaffolding, according to reports from Fox17 Nashville.

It’s worth remembering that fall accidents are the biggest killers in the construction industry, accounting for both the most injuries and most deaths.

In Fort Lauderdale, FL, a construction worker fell while working between the fourth and fifth stories of a condo complex. He landed in a precarious position and when other workers tried to rescue him, the construction elevator severed the man’s arm.

“Our crews were able to make quick access to him and able to get a tourniquet on him to stop the severe bleeding,” Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Battlion Chief Stephen Gollan said. “He was transported as a trauma alert to Broward Health here in Fort Lauderdale.” The man is expected to live.

In Denver, CO, a worker was trapped when the ground gave way beneath him and he fell into the sewer. Firefighters spent two hours and ten minutes working to save the man, as he was 20 feel below street level. The man was taken to the hospital in “alert” condition, and is expected to recover.

The ten most common construction accidents, according to OSHA, are falls, falling debris, electrocutions, explosions or burns, slip and falls, machinery accidents, getting trapped between materials, trench or ground collapses, vehicle accidents, and overexertion.

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