Construction Worker Saves Children From Fire

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Robison Wells
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At a burning apartment complex in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a father had to lean out a window and drop his 2-month-old baby into the arms of a rescuing construction worker. The father was trapped on the second floor. Seconds later, the worker caught and saved a toddler as well.

The two workers, Mason Fierro, and Jermaine Gallian, came from a construction job adjacent to the building.

“We heard the father scream,” said Fierro, “like a scream that we had never heard before. A desperate cry out for help. And as soon as we heard that we ran over there as fast as possible, got there, in a matter of seconds, and the next thing you know we see him hanging out the two story window, smoke coming out of his window, with a two-month-old baby out of his arm.

“My immediate reaction was to get under him and tell him to drop the baby so that I can get her out of there and as far from the smoke as possible.”

"Of course he was hesitant to drop her, but there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to catch her. Moments later he brought out his son, three or four years old, and we caught him.

Gallian describing the ensuing events. “After we assisted that family we continued to go around the entire property banging on doors, getting everyone out of there and trying to secure the area as quickly as possible.

Video of the harrowing events was captured and available on CNN. Check out the video here.

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