Construction Planned for “Space Station of the Sea”

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Robison Wells
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Calling to mind images from The Abyss or 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, undersea adventurer Fabien Cousteau (son of legendary Jacques Cousteau) is planning the Proteus, the first undersea research station to be built in 34 years. Jacques Cousteau, who once lived in an undersea research station as an “oceanaut” for 30 days, dreamed of a day when living and studying under the waves would become commonplace. And new plans may be taking us one step closer to that dream.

The production of the Proteus, which will reside off the coast of Curacao in the Caribbean, is being planed by industrial designer Yves Behar and his firm Fuseproject. It is going to cost $135 million to build and operate for the first three years.

The house under the sea will consist of living quarters, medical bays, labs, and bathrooms, all on two floors, and at a depth of 60 feet beneath sea level.

“We’re now in a new evolution of consciousness of ocean exploration,” says Fabien Cousteau. “Thanks to modern technology, we’re able to communicate the importance of ocean exploration.”

The structure, as currently planned, is semi-round, with a dozen “fingers” radiating out of its central area, each of which will be a room. It will be 4000 square feet.

They are currently still securing funding but seeing early success.

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