Construction Industry Attempting to Combat Suicide Risk

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The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released data showing that, between 2012 and 2017, the construction and extraction industries have the highest suicide rates of any industry tracked, growing at a rate of 43.6 (per 100,000) in 2012 to 53.2 in 2017. This problem is not just centered in the USA, but is recognized globally.

These rates are significantly higher than suicides rates among the general workforce in America, which rated at 17.2 in 2017.

Construction companies are stepping in to combat this alarming problem, as the CDC is recommending “the fostering of social connections and economic supports, improving access to appropriate mental health and other resources and services and encouraging at-risk individuals to seek mental health treatment if necessary without the stigma that sometimes goes along with it,” according to an article in Construction Dive.

This problem is being tackled in the United Kingdom in similar ways, through the establishment of a mental health mentoring problem. "It's good to let out some steam sometimes, and air some problems that may be occurring during your every day work life," says Amber DeWitt of Red7Marine Construction. "I'd say I have a really good relationship now with Nikki - and not just through work, but she also helps me a lot through personal (life). It is a massive relief knowing you can just pick the phone up."

In the United States, the Association for General Contractors has created a taskforce and initiative to take on the problem. Said Brian Turnmail, AGC vice-president, "we continue to seek better information about the root causes of the industry’s too-high suicide rate and work to identify or, if needed, create additional resources for our member firms. We can, and must, do a better job as an industry to prevent suicides within our workforce."

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