Construction Crews Working Without Permit Before Garage Collapse, Mayor Says

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Last week an underground parking garage in Lakewood, Ohio collapsed at Lakewood's Marine Towers Apartments. The structure came down just before 10:00 am on Thursday, December 23rd.

Officials said no people were inside the garage at the collapse, but 24 vehicles were damaged or destroyed. "It's a fairly sizable collapse, it's a pancake collapse, so the second-floor deck collapsed onto the first-floor deck, and subsequently, sections of that also came down," said Lakewood Fire Chief Tim Dunphy "It's substantial."

Initially, investigators didn't suspect criminal or terrorist activity. Still, several residents reported that construction crews worked in the garage. This week, mayor Meghan George confirmed that nobody had filed permits for renovations, although construction workers had been on site.

The city's investigation continues.

Meanwhile, excavators began work, removing cars from the wreckage. Dunphy said the collapse destroyed some vehicles; crews can't retrieve many vehicles until they clear out the collapsed concrete.

The apartments manager, in an interview, expressed his regards but remains silent toward the press.

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