Catcalling Women Must Stop, Owners Demand

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Robison Wells
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The owner of a Boston-based construction company, Cathartes, has laid down the law when it comes his workers making catcalls from construction sites: do it and you’re fired.

Cathartes owner Jeff Johnston said on Thursday that he notified all his subcontractors working on the Orpheum Apartments site in downtown Boston that if workers continued with inappropriate comments or whistles, they would be dismissed.

“This is not consistent with our corporate values and that is why we took it seriously and responded how we did,” Johnston said.

The catcalling came to light when a woman posted about on social media about being harassed. The Mayor, Karen Weston, saw the post, and immediately contacted the city manager, Michael Joyal to notify him about it.

“You don’t want to walk around your city and not feel safe,” Weston said.

Weston went on to say that if construction companies want to have good contracts, they must have a reputation for good behavior and citizenship. This more than incentivizes companies to get their workers under control. “Their business could be affected by these folks,” Weston said.

To learn more about the case, and how the city manager and police department are responding, click here.

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