Case Study: Fahs Construction

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Robison Wells
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Interview with Steve Haynes, IT Manager, Fahs Construction

Fahs has been in business since 1954, getting its start as a painting contractor. Today, the New York-based company has three divisions: General Construction, Private Development, and Commercial Paving. Among their resume are houses, restaurants, schools, university buildings, and parking lots and roads. They have approximately 250 employees, about 30-40 of them office staff.

With such a large, widespread workforce, they attempted to use another document product to handle invoices and paperwork, but they were quickly disillusioned with the product’s features and abilities. It was decent at accounts payable, but that was all, and even that wasn’t very good. It was also a struggle on the IT side, as it didn’t mesh well with the other systems they were using. But most of all, it was just slow. Painfully slow. They tried to force it to work, but no one was satisfied, and it was constant thorn in their side.

...when I opened it, I was surprised to see a notification from Timberscan Mobile—said that I had a document ready to approve. So, right there in Plaza Mayor in Spain, I was able to approve an invoice quickly and easily. Done.

“It offered a document management system that, at the time, Timberscan didn’t," Steve Haynes told us, "although only a few months after, Timberscan released their document product. We kind of put up with the system we had and tried to force it to work for us. It was a struggle on the IT side to keep it running and getting it to perform the way that it should. We finally just tore the Band-Aid off and jumped over into Timberscan and haven’t looked back. And all the managers really liked the speed of it and the functionality of it. And we add in there the mobility of Timberscan mobile, it’s fantastic.”

For the most part, Steve uses the desktop version of Timberscan, but as he tells it, it’s flexibility and mobility have been delightful.

“Back in May, my wife and I went to go visit my daughter who was studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain. We were sitting in Plaza Mayor and I heard my phone ring. I thought it was amessage, an email, but when I opened it up it was a notification from Timberscan—said that I had a document ready to approve. So, right there in Plaza Mayor in Spain, I was able to approve an invoice quickly and easily. Done.”

“I believe from the management side it gives managers who have to approve that stuff the flexibility to not need to come into the office to approve that stuff, but it also takes away the excuses the project managers had to not get it done, because when vendors start complaining that they haven’t been paid, people blame accounting, but it’s really not—it’s the project managers or upper management who haven’t approved those invoices. The old story used to be ‘Oh, I was hung up on a job and I couldn’t get back to the office.’ But now it’s right there on their phone, so they really don’t have an excuse. It’s a great accountability tool.”

When asked whether there were further benefits to Timberscan, Steve says that they really develop their product. If a bug—even a big one—is found and a support ticket is submitted, hh2 turns it around so quickly. They take an honest-to-goodness interest in developing their product. They will listen to people and they will get the problem fixed. “From the time that I opened the ticket to the time I saw the update come through Timberscan Mobile was only 12 days. It’s just—I’ve had a great experience.”

“One of my favorite features, from a tech side, the apps are natively written for each device: the iPad app is not just a resized version of the iPhone device—it’s written specifically for each device.”

When asked would he recommend Timberscan and Timberscan Mobile to others? “Yes, and I have.”

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