Building-Integrated Photovoltaics Manufacturer Mitrex Trying to Go Mainstream

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For years, construction technology companies have experimented with building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Mitrex Integrated Solar Technology says this new tech can go mainstream.

Builders can apply BIPV solar panels to almost any surface, including building exteriors and transparent surfaces. Mitrex currently manufactures BIPV solar façades, windows, roofs, glass, railings, and siding. Mitrex intends to turn anything the sun touches into BIPV.

Solar technology usually comes with size and efficiency limitations. Solar panel installation means banks of blue and black surfaces affixed to structures. Mitrex places a solar cell between a transparent facing layer and a high-strength backing; this imbues reduced weight and flexibility into BIPV technology.

Customization stands at the forefront, says Mitrex in their press release. Customers want their construction materials to match specific color and texture schemes. Mitrex clients can choose a “limitless range of patterns, designs, and colors that can align with their creative vision. For crystal lovers, patterns such as Calcutta Marble and Azul Bahia Granite can be mimicked for use. For minimalistic lovers, the simplistic lines of wood and precast concrete can also be mimicked.”

A Solar façade panel as small as 2 square meters on a south-facing wall can produce enough energy to offset the carbon used to make the panel in three years. Some estimate that this panel configuration can remove approximately 730kg of carbon from the atmosphere at thirty years.

Mitrex just won the Canadian Construction Association’s 2021 Environmental Achievement Award. They plan to expand outside of Canada soon.

BIPV, a relatively new solar technology, might mean increased efficiency, more customized design, and decreased carbon emissions in the future.

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