Australian High-Rise Made Entirely of Wood

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Robison Wells
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The Green Movement is creating a bit of a time warp in Australia, as builders just revealed they’ll be constructing a nine-story building made entirely of wood. While it isn’t the tallest wooden building in the country, it’s notable for being built in the age of steel and glass.

Known as 25 King, the building is scheduled for completion in late 2019.

The building will be constructed not just from dimensional lumber, but with glulam beams (wood glued together under high pressure), and laminated veneer lumber (veneers glued together into engineer wood products).

“These materials are sustainable, strong and light, with a structural strength akin to the traditional concrete and steel,” said Jackie Trad, the acting Premier.

The building will have a lower carbon footprint than with other building technologies, the production process will produce no waste (they haven’t said how), and timbers are being sourced from certified sustainably managed forests.

As for the threat of fire, managing director Mark Menhinnit says: “We’ve done a lot of testing over many years, burnt a lot of wood. The building just gets a char on the outside; the structural integrity is maintained through an intense fire event.”

And termites?

“Everyone asks that question,” Menhinnit says. “It sits on a concrete podium to isolate the timber from the ground so we don’t have that problem.”

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