Architecture Produces Reality, Says Danish Architect

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Robison Wells
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"The Danish meaning of architecture is the art of building," Bjarke Ingels said. "I think, unlike the art that is displayed in a museum or in a gallery, is that architecture is more representational. What defines architecture is that it actually produces reality."

Ingels, the founder of BIG, an architecture and design firm in Copenhagen, says that this means that architects have a very real power to make the reality of everyday people better.

"Pragmatic utopianism where you say utopia is that kind of literary concept of a world so perfect that it couldn’t exist anywhere and pragmatism is the idea of looking at the practicalities of reality and dealing with it," he said.

"When you combine the two things it sounds like an oxymoron, but actually what it is reminding you that every time you are making an architectural project, intervening somewhere, you have a chance to make this fragment of the world more like your ideal world."

Another area that architect always aim to achieve in their work is to be connected to the outdoors.

"In my point of view the connection between the inside and the outside is this impossible dream that architects always strive towards," said Ingels.

"You have so many different challenges that require you to compartmentalize the inside from the outside and at the same time, because we are biological human beings, we long for that relationship. So the more we can undo this distinction, the better."

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