Architecture Firm Creates a Lush Oasis in Center of City

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Robison Wells
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With a population of more than twelve million, the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil, is a thriving metropolis with a bustling economy and miles after miles of concrete, asphalt, and steel. But one architecture firm is doing its part to make an oasis deep in the heart of the city.

Local architectural firm, Lucia Manzano Arquitetura, is taking a residential building and attempting to integrate the architecture and landscape. With a massive ground-floor garden, bearing native vegetation, and huge balconies with overhanging greenery and a completely green roof, the firm hopes that by providing the flora, they will attract the local fauna.

The residential building, at 28,000 feet, is in the heart of the city and surrounded by concrete apartments and businesses. According to Inhabitant, the architect’s “inspiration for the design was to create a strong relationship between landscape and architecture. To do so, the building was covered in layers of vibrant plants.”

At four stories, the building is made up of five thousand square foot residential units, and the common areas are gardens, accompanied by private gardens on the balconies and roof. There is also a large pool to accompany the Atlantic jungle’s unique plant species, and it is their hope that the birds, insects, and animals that had been displaced out of Sao Paolo will come and make their home in the tropical oasis.

For pictures of the beautiful building, visit Inhabitant.

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