Architects Are Finding a New Place to Ply Their Trade—and It Doesn’t Involve Builders

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Science fiction literature historically draws on metaverse concepts. Recent innovations, such as Facebook’s name change to Meta and the announcement of their metaverse, have inspired architects to build new creations—virtually.

Large corporations such as Facebook and Microsoft invest billions into online interactive environments. People can access these virtual universes with VR. Development companies need architects; some pay as much as $300,000 for a metaverse building.

Virtual real estate speculators grab land in metaverse spaces such as Sandbox and Decentralnad; both sell plots of “land” for as much as $4.3 million. Naturally, High-spending first movers want buildings on their virtual plots that rival celebrated real-world structures. But in the multiverse, the laws of physics don’t apply; impossible cantilevers and floating rooms can prevail.

So far, no shortage exists for real-world architects. The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report cites only a 2% shortage in architect availability—much lower than labor shortages in other construction-related jobs. However, architects are learning to enjoy the lucrative benefits of turning their AutoCAD drawings into metaverse dwellings.

Will virtual architecture draw professionals away from brick-and-mortar structures and into the metaverse? Time will tell, but the more money invested in the metaverse, the more money could flow into architects’ pockets.

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