Apple and Google Preparing Massive Construction in San Jose Despite Pandemic Setbacks

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Robison Wells
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Tech giant Apple intends to construct a new campus complex in San Jose that will cover 85 acres and include their north office. The building site contains a semi-permanent homeless encampment currently. Apple pledged to help the city deal with its homeless population.

“It’s wonderful to see Apple’s expansion in north San Jose, where they’ve already demonstrated their strong commitment to the community through their generous efforts to support our unhoused residents in that neighborhood,” San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said.

Builders intend to renovate two existing office buildings within that 85-acre footprint; one of which occupies 286,000 square feet; the other, 202,000 square feet. Apple hasn’t released plans for its low-income housing project.

Apple’s intended campus site exists a short distance from Google’s intended environmentally friendly, pedestrian-oriented campus, called Midpoint.

“North San Jose appears poised for a strong surge with Apple and Google’s growth, and all the more if we can finally build housing there without incurring a lawsuit from the city of Santa Clara,” Mayor Liccardo said.

Apple announced a pause in its construction plans due to pandemic restrictions. Many employees will continue to work remotely through the end of 2021. Still, they intend to move construction forward even with buildings empty of employees

Dave Sandlin, an executive vice president with Colliers, a commercial real estate firm, said, “All of these companies have to plan for the future. Right now, the Delta variant has created a bit of a setback. Tech companies want to be sure to protect their employees. Sooner or later, and probably sooner, people will be back at work. People will be interacting, and creative job flow will start happening again.”

Amid covid, Apple continues to move forward with plans to construct a new 85-acre campus in North San Jose.

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