Antarctic Construction Project Estimated to Cost $250 Million

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Robison Wells
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In what is expected to be harsh conditions, a New Zealand construction company is undertaking a $250 million development on the Scott Base of Antarctica. The 10,000 square foot base, comprising three buildings, is expected to house 100 personnel against the freezing temperatures.

The former base was built in 1957, and this development is not expected to be completed until 2030 due to the limited construction times, shipping of resources, and availability of workers.

The high cost also comes because the building promises to be entirely self-sustaining, in the most remote, harshest continent on the planet.

The build is viewed as a great economic benefit to Christchurch, New Zealand, which is considered the starting point in most ventures to the icy continent. So far, $50 million has been raised, but the project is waiting on $200 million more to be approved by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

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