Annual Architecture-Themed Pumpkin Carving Competition

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Robison Wells
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Celebrating New York’s Architecture and Design Month (referred to as “Archtober”), one of the activities (of 70 planned for this month) is the 10th annual Pumpkitecture Pumpkin Carving Competition. Because of the virtual forum this year, anyone and everyone is invited to participate.

Inspired by the Halloween Architecture of architecture greats like Marcel Breuer (“Michael Boouer”) and Michael Graves (“Michael Gravesyard”), the goal is to take a pumpkin and to make it into an architecturally-inspired gourd-based creation. Entrants can use any materials and techniques they would like, but the design must incorporate at least one real pumpkin (though any number of pumpkins can be used).

Winners are selected by a jury of judges, based on up to five photos of your work, plus a short video. There will be one coveted Pritzker Pumpkin Prize (after the famed Pritzker Architectural Prize) as well as several honorable mentions.

There’s not much time left to get your Architectural Pumpkins entered—the contest ends on Halloween day.

As mentioned, this is only one of Archtober’s many architectural plans for the final week of October, including virtual talks on the Remnants and Future of Penn Station and the Secrets of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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