Accelerate Your Workflow With hh2 Equipment Time Tracking

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Robison Wells
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Coding time is easier than ever with hh2 Cloud Services’ Remote Payroll solution. Employees are able to not only code their labor time, but their equipment time as well. Equipment time entry has been available with hh2 Remote Payroll since February of last year, and it has revolutionized the construction industry. With multiple entry screens and the ability to associate pieces of equipment to specific people, your employees are sure to thank you!

Multiple Screens for Time Entry

Equipment Revenue will allow you to quickly code your equipment as a cost to the job. hh2 offers you three different screens that are customizable to meet all of your needs: weekly, daily and record-based time entry. Each interface is available on a web browser and through our native mobile apps for tablets and smartphones. With this feature, you will have complete control over who enters and who approves the equipment time.  

Managing Equipment Like a Pro

hh2 Equipment Revenue allows you to add or remove equipment from your time card. Field employees can associate pieces to themselves and copy their labor time to the equipment. On an administrative level, you can restrict access to specific pieces of equipment that your employees have access to.


hh2 Equipment Revenue accommodates for any workflow. Similar to our other products, Equipment Revenue allows payroll managers to create customizable approval paths for managing equipment. Users can review their equipment time and approve it from a single screen. This time is automatically sent to the next person in the chain of approval, whether that be a supervisor or a payroll manager.


Equipment Revenue was built to make your life easier. With you in mind, we integrate seamlessly with your accounting system to bring over your employees and cost codes so that you can easily code time to any piece of equipment on the job site.

To get started with Equipment Revenue, sign up with a member of our sales team at, call us at 801-683-7869 or visit hh2 Cloud Services on Facebook!

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