A Smart Watch That Doesn't Sacrifice Looks for Ability

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Robison Wells
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Apple makes some nice-looking devices, but—let’s face it—the Apple watch isn’t one of them. It’s a mini iPhone, and that’s great if you’re a minimalist. But even Dick Tracy’s watch had a better sense of style, and that’s 80 years old.

Enter MontBlanc, maker of gorgeous pen and pencil sets. At first glance it looks a regular watch—a really really nice regular watch. For those of us who like both style and substance, the MontBlanc Summit is a smartwatch in disguise. On it’s face (get it?) it looks like a high end wristwatch, 46 mm, available in black stainless steel, titanium, or bi-color. It comes with eight different straps, from rubber to calfskin leather.

And under all that is a Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, with an Android processor with 512 MB. Add that to 1000 different apps, fitness tracker, wireless streamed music, and a full day’s battery life. And, to be expected from a Swiss watch its voice-activated translator knows a staggering 100 languages and translates directly on the face of the watch.

It’s expensive—it’s Mont Blanc after all—but I was surprised to see it’s only about 890 Euros ($955 as of the middle of May). Yes, it may not have all the functionality of the Apple Watch, but it has everything you use frequently, plus a little elegance.

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