$500 Million "COVID-19 Conscious" Skyscraper Gets Funding in Miami

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Developers plan to finish converting a Miami skyscraper intended for medical tourism into the first COVID-19 conscious residential, hotel, and medical center.

Miami benefits from medical tourism. Visitors in and out of the United States travel to the beautiful Florida city for anything from major surgery to routine physicals. Wealthy tourists drop thousands of dollars on private healthcare and the highest levels of customer service. The Miami Legacy Hotels and Residences at Miami Worldcenter plans to capitalize on this phenomenon.

Builders began construction of the 55-story building before the pandemic. However, the Royal Palm Cos. forecast that the market would require pandemic-ready hotels as the crisis grew.

Three-hundred-ten residences make up the hotel. Patients can use these for prolonged hospital stays. Also, wealthy people who want to live in a pristine environment can buy them. The building also features 219 hotel rooms and ten floors of state-of-the-art medical facilities. In addition, designers incorporated hospital-grade and ultraviolet ventilation systems, water purification systems, and UV-ray disinfection robots. These features extend throughout the entire building.

Patrons may access typical 5-star hotel amenities, including room service, a concierge, and access to on-call, on-site physicians.

The Miami Worldcenter has employed more than 15,000 construction workers. Owners of the new skyscraper intend to hire 2,500 more.

Craig Studnicky, owner of the Miami-based real estate and marketing firm ISG World, says, strong demand exists for such a structure.

"At the moment, there's a huge demand for short-term rentals because of COVID-19," Studnicky said. "We get people literally from all over the world, particularly from the domestic U.S., that want to come to South Florida and rent something for a week, for a month [or] for a year."

He says of the new pandemic-ready high rise, "By 2025, it should be finished; will the world be the same in 2025?"

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