3-D Printing Pioneer Has Sights on Texas Neighborhood

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Robison Wells
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Icon, a startup based in Austin, Texas, made news (and an appearance in this blog) last year when it became the first company in the world to 3-D print an entire neighborhood. The project took place in Mexico, creating small two-room homes as part of an affordable housing effort to help the homeless. The $35 million experiment was such a success that the company has raised a further $44 million in funding to bring their work to America.

“I believe we will see an evolution of the entire home-buying value chain, especially when integrated with other technologies like digital transactions and augmented reality,” Constance Freedman, founder, and managing partner at Moderne Ventures, said in a statement to Build Austin. “Consumers will be able to order, build, design and purchase a brand-new home in a matter of days — something that is truly innovative and truly disruptive.”

The company is using the money that they’ve raised to further expand its team, particularly in the robotics technology realm, as well as architecture software engineering and building science.

They say that while they are moving into a for-profit space in the marketplace, they are going to continue working with non-profit organizations across the country and world to produce the small affordable homes that were so successful in Tabasco, Mexico.

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