hh2 Workshop: Construct a Fall Wreath

hh2 Workshop: Construct a Fall Wreath

Here at hh2 Cloud Services, we love construction! We also love saving our customers time and money. In this article, learn how to construct your own fall wreath with our DIY step-by-step guide. This decoration can be recreated in less than an hour and under $40.

What you’ll need: 18” grapevine wreath (https://bit.ly/2ONRIgO), natural raffia (optional) (https://bit.ly/2PTm7qG), pinecones (https://bit.ly/2OLQ7YR), berry garland (https://bit.ly/2JipKUM), wired glitter ribbon (https://bit.ly/2PmzkLw), fall leaves (https://bit.ly/2SgEiIf), sunflower (https://bit.ly/2yxkF6z) and other assorted fall-colored flowers. You’ll also need scissors, a hot glue gun and twine to attach the items to the wreath.

Step 1: Create a Bow

Begin by constructing a bow with the ribbon you picked out. You can choose to use a solid color of ribbon, burlap or glitter, like ours. You’ll want to start by cutting a 60 inch piece, a 24 inch piece and an 8 inch piece.

First, fold the 60 inch piece like the image below. Next, fold the 24 inch piece into thirds, and place the piece on top of the larger piece’s folded elements. Squeeze the middle of the pieces and tie twine around them to create a bow shape. Next, fold the small 8 inch ribbon in half vertically and wrap it around the twine.

See the images below for detail. We cut the ends of the ribbon at a diagonal for decoration.

Step 2: Wrap Berry Garland Around Wreath

Before you begin attaching other elements, you’ll want to secure the berry garland around the wreath. To do so, simply weave the garland through the center and wrap it around, spiraling the entirety of the grapevine wreath.


Step 3: Attach Bow to Wreath

After the bow is finished, you’ll want to attach it the wreath. We used twine to secure it.

First, attach the twine to the bow. Do this by weaving the twine behind the small, middle section of the bow so it isn’t visible from the front. Next, tie the twine around the circumference of the wreath.

Place ribbon 2.png

Step 4: Remove Flowers from Stems

To start attaching flowers, you’ll want to remove them from the stems. We were able to easily pull the majority of the flowers off without cutting the stems. We did need to use scissors to cut the stem of the sunflower.

Assorted flowers.png

Step 5: Arrange Elements onto Wreath

Next, without pulling out your hot glue gun just yet, decide where you want your flowers to be placed. We assembled our flowers as seen below.


Step 6: Glue Pinecones to Leaves (Optional)

We attached our pinecones to the leaves we purchased with our hot glue gun. This was to ensure our pinecones would adhere to our wreath securely. This step is optional.

Step 7: Glue Flowers to Wreath

Once you have chosen where you would like your elements to be, use your hot glue gun or twine to secure them to the wreath. Be sure to press the element down to ensure proper attachment.

Step 8: Allow Time to Dry

Before hanging your wreath, you’ll want to allow the hot glue to dry. Voila!

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