What Segment of Technology Adoption Does Your Company Belong To?

While the thought of new technology is exciting for some, it takes some time and proven results for others to get behind adopting a change in one’s workflow. This can be explained in detail in the Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory developed in 1962 by E.M. Rogers. The theory aims to explain how an idea, product or form of technology spreads throughout a population.

Cold Weather Apparel on the Job Site

As cold temperatures move across the contiguous United States, the East Coast will experience below average temperatures this winter between December and February of 2019. According to meteorologists from The Weather Channel, the East Coast will experience a slightly warmer than average December, but they should expect to see a much colder late winter in the region. hh2 knows that the weather doesn’t always halt construction projects, so we’ve found the best winter apparel to keep you warm on the job site.

Best Technology for Safety on the Job Site

Safety is a major concern in the construction industry. Ultimately, jobs within the industry make up a majority of the top 25 most dangerous jobs in the United States (https://bit.ly/2mekW7o).  With trades from roofing to construction laborers, it’s no surprise that companies are doing their best to ensure that their employees are safe on the job site by keeping up with the latest technologies.

hh2 Exhibits at Procore Groundbreak 2018, Previews New Solution

hh2 Cloud Services exhibited at the 2018 Groundbreak conference hosted by Procore Technologies, Inc. in Austin, Texas Nov. 13 - 15. As the provider for the integration between Procore and Sage Group, we are excited to show off our cloud-based solutions for the construction industry. hh2 is especially excited to unveil a new product offering introduced at Groundbreak, hh2 Document Flow!

hh2 Workshop: Construct a Fall Wreath

Here at hh2 Cloud Services, we love construction! We also love saving our customers time and money. In this article, learn how to construct your own fall wreath with our DIY step-by-step guide. This decoration can be recreated in less than an hour and under $40.

Top Five Growing Jobs in Construction

As the need to fill job openings within the construction industry increases, now is the perfect time for those who are thinking about a career in construction. However, with the industry being so large and there being a vast amount of opportunities, you may be curious to know what trade within construction has the best job outlook. From construction laborers to roofers, find out what the fastest growing careers are in the industry!

Employee Spotlight: Alisha Martin - Account Manager

While she was born in Utah, Alisha Martin has lived all over the world due to her dad being in the military. She has lived in California, Japan, Germany and South Carolina. She joined the hh2 support team in April of 2018 as the account manager. Alisha is an integral member of the customer support team, and she is excited to have the opportunity to meet our customers face to face at Procore’s Groundbreak 2018.

New $2.5B TSX Broadway Project Meant to Revamp NYC Times Square

New York City’s Times Square is already one of the most exciting places to visit, and with new construction, it is about to rival Las Vegas when it comes to entertainment. Times Square will be ready to start construction in late 2019 with the new $2.5 billion TSX Broadway Project. This project is meant to take real estate to a new level by using experiential interior functions and building exteriors that act as unique platforms for advertising and marketing.  

Employee Spotlight: Britton Bauer - Sales Associate

Employee Spotlight! Meet a member of our sales team, Britton Bauer. Britton was born and raised in Northern Utah. He joined the sales team at hh2 Cloud Services in July of 2017. Britton celebrated his birthday on Monday, September 17. As an integral member of hh2, he is thrilled to be chosen as one of the employee spotlights.

Going Green: How Open Spaces in Cities Benefit Everyone

The world’s cities are continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and the importance of land use planning is becoming more and more crucial. Cities are comprised of more than just buildings and people. Many cities are also known for their use of open space or “green space.” Urban open space is land that can range from playing fields to highly maintained environments to relatively natural land spaces.

The High Life: City Dwellers Prepare for Taller, More Skyscrapers in Coming Years

Ready or not, thousands of new skyscrapers will be built by 2050 according to current trends. City living is continuing to become more and more popular. By 2050, it is estimated that around six billion people will reside within the heart of different cities. As of September 2018, the number of city inhabitants is a measly four billion, but cities will have to adapt to the increased influx of people migrating into the city (https://bit.ly/2P8YucN).

Take Control With hh2’s Unit Production Worksheet

If you work in construction, you need to record unit production and percent completes. Don’t waste time waiting for access to a desktop and logging in to your accounting system to record field data. Now, field laborers can take complete control of their work when and where they need to: in the field. With the unit production worksheet within hh2 Field Reports, laborers have access to field reporting information where they need it most with hh2 Cloud Services cloud-based solutions.

Home Shortage Continues as Prices Continue to Rise

Finding a home to purchase with a budget of under $250,000 seems close to impossible in today’s housing market. Labor, land and material costs continue to rise, which is resulting in slowing down the production and supply of homes on the market. As these prices continue to swell, new construction homes are far and few to come by.

Accelerate Your Workflow With hh2 Equipment Time Tracking

Coding time is easier than ever with hh2 Cloud Services’ Remote Payroll solution. Employees are able to not only code their labor time, but their equipment time as well. Equipment time entry has been available with hh2 Remote Payroll since February of last year, and it has revolutionized the construction industry. With multiple entry screens and the ability to associate pieces of equipment to specific people, your employees are sure to thank you!

How Mobile Devices Can Effectively Improve Your Construction Business

Mobile technology has enhanced our personal lives in many ways. We are able to FaceTime with our grandparents from across the country or with our children away at college. We no longer have to carry our cell phones, digital cameras and a notepad around with us. Instead, our smartphones give us these tools in an all-in-one solution. While the impacts of mobile technology are obvious when we are away from the office, its influences in the workplace are pretty amazing.